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Media & Downloads

Find here the documents useful in the preparation for a submission in the EuroTechPostdoc2 – 2022 call, and some explanatory videos.

2022 call

Here you can find pdf versions of the templates, the Rules & Regulations, and the check list for the EuroTechPostdoc2 2022 call. The editable templates can be downloaded from the submission portal.

Note that it is mandatory to follow the templates provided, meaning that 1. The structure needs to be used (sections, subsections etc.) and 2. The guidelines for formatting need to be followed (font, font size, spacing, margins). Not following the templates will lead to the submission being non-admissible, and rejected because of that. 

  • Rules and regulations
  • To not confuse new applicants, the templates from the 2021 call are not available anymore on the website.

Video gallery

Check out the EuroTechPostdoc2 and EuroTechPostdoc videos.

The first EuroTechPostdoc2 Explained video explains the programme in general and the most important things to consider before starting your application. The second video gives more information on the review process and the evaluation criteria that will be used. The third and last EuroTechPostdoc2 Explained video discusses the application portal we use within the programme. Note that the third video still needs to be updated to include the changes between the 2021 and the 2022 call.

Furthermore, you can find the promotional video of the EuroTechPostdoc2 programme, and two videos from the first EuroTechPostdoc programme.